Channeling My Inner Taylor Swift | My 2017 Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween! I hope your Halloween season has been filled with candy, costumes, festive books and movies, and maybe a pumpkin-flavored treat or two! I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in the past years, but I’ve changed my ways this year by dressing up as Taylor Swift! I’ve loved Taylor Swift from her country days to her really evolving into pop music—I’m excited to see what Reputation will be like, since I’m obsessed with every song that has come out so far (I think “Gorgeous” has been my favorite). As much as Taylor Swift’s image has changed over the years, “You Belong With Me” T-Swift dressed in her Junior Jewels t-shirt will always be the Taylor I imagine.


So how did I come up with this costume? I’m involved in my school’s music appreciation organization and for my event for this semester, I had everyone create groupie T-shirts. I took mine up a notch by replicating Taylor’s Junior Jewels T-shirt. The names mostly come from her shirt in the “You Belong With Me” music video, but there are a few from the shirt in “Look What You Made Me Do”. I love homemade Halloween costumes so I had a really fun time creating this one and I’m hoping to maybe wear it again at a costume or cosplay event (if not, it’ll be a really comfy pajamas shirt!).


Are you dressing up for Halloween? Are you a Taylor Swift fan? Share in the comments!

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