My Most Anticipated Fall 2017 TV Shows


Not only is this fall bringing us so many exciting book releases, there’s such great television during the season as well! I’ve found that I’ve watched a bit more television this year than usual—Master of None and Big Little Lies have stolen my heart for the year- and I cannot wait to watch the series listed below.

Fuller House Season 3 (Netflix)– September 22nd I discussed in a Top Five Wednesday post a while back about how conflicted I felt about Fuller House, the Netflix reboot of Full House, aka one of my all-time favorite TV shows. In short, I find the humor of Fuller House to be VERY cheesey (maybe this is because I started watching Full House as a child and now I’m watching Fuller House as a young adult), the show overall tries to be too current, and I don’t like the direction of the plot that the show is going in. However, being the Full House fan that I am, I will be watching season 3 of Fuller House (even though we’ll only be getting the first half of the season) with high hopes that this show can turn my opinion around (not to mention DJ and Steve).

The Big Bang Theory Season 11 (CBS) – September 25th The Big Bang Theory has been in my nerdy heart since I was a freshman in high school and I cannot wait for this season primarily because of season 10’s cliffhanger!! The night before I moved back to school, my sister and I had a BBT marathon and even though it’s almost always on TBS, we wish that the show was on Netflix!

Ghosted (Fox)– October 11th Ghosted stars Adam Scott (anything that Ben Wyatt is in, I’m there) and Craig Robinson in Fox’s new paranormal sitcom. Adam Scott plays Max, a believer in the supernatural and a bookstore employee (!!), and Craig Robinson plays Leroy, a skeptic, and the show follows their adventures after being recruited by The Bureau Underground to investigate “unexplained” activities in LA. I think that this will be a light comedy with some creeper/ Stranger Things vibes.

Riverdale Season 2 (CW)– October 11th While the first season had its ups and downs, I am more than ready for season 2 of Riverdale, especially after the season 1 finale! Riverdale definitely does not share the Archie comic vibes, and I only compare the two together when it comes to character development. There’s going to be a few unanswered questions leading us into season two, and the show’s reported to having darker vibes and an even bigger cast this season. I plan on doing a rewatch of season 1 on Netflix leading up to October 11th.

Dynasty (CW)– October 11th I haven’t seen Elizabeth Gillies in anything but Nickelodeon’s Victorious, so I’m looking forward to see her star in this 1980s reboot. Like Riverdale, the show is reported to have some darker vibes, but there’ll be a bit more comedy. Dynasty follows one girl’s fight with her new step-mom over her family’s fortune.

What fall TV show are you most anticipating? Share in the comments!

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